Residential Services
All Images are digitally enhanced using a three-step editing process and undergo essential adjustments to make your photos pop. These improvements are free and done to every photo when applicable.  This includes but is not limited to: enhancing or replacing the sky, greening or replacing the grass, straightening the photo, color correcting and balancing the light.
All photos are individually and professionally edited HDR images and can be ready the next business day.  * Packages include both interior and exterior photos.

Package includes as many high definition and meticulously edited photos needed to tell the homes whole story. (20+ photos).

HDR Package- $125.00. Homes over 4000 sq.ft. are an additional $50.00, homes over 8000 sq.ft. are an additional $100.00

Arial Photography (6-9 photos)… $50.00 added to any package or $100 for arial's alone.

Virtual Tours…$50.00 added to any package or $100.00 alone.

Digital Services
Virtual Staging…$60.00 each photo
Daylight to Dusk...$15.00
Item Removal, 1-2 items…15.00
Item Removal, 3+ or large...30.00
Special quote
Extended Virtual Tour Hosting...$100.00 Per Year

Additional Items
Twilight photography…$75.00
Same Day Cancellation for Daytime Shoots...$50.00
Same Day Cancellation for Dusk Shoots...$75.00
Return Shot-1photo...$50.00
Weekend Photography, if available...$100.00

Full Day Rate, for multiple units and large projects...$800.00 for eight hours.  $130.00 per hour overtime after that.

Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Rhode Island Real Estate Photography

Virtual Staging

Enhance vacant rooms and attract more buyers with this efficient and inexpensive alternative to traditional staging.

$60.00 each photo

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Helpful Hints for Great Real Estate Photography

The best time for daytime photography is usually when the sun is facing the front of the building.  If your home is facing east, morning is best, the afternoon if it faces west. Homes facing south can be photographed any time. North Facing Homes don't get direct sun and are best at dusk or during overcast conditions.

Home and Property Prep.

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