Covid 19-Package for 2021.

I made this package last year, hoping it would be temporary. It's going on longer than anyone expected.

Let's call this the "Micro" for your micro wedding.

Three Hours of Photography with digital photos and an album..."Micro A" @ $600.00

Three Hours of Photography with only digital photos..."Micro B" @ $500.00

Since the state still hasn't opened up yet, consider this good for weddings scheduled for this year only.


Notes about Covid Rescheduling.

The state enforced shut down continues for much longer than anticipated. If you are considering rescheduling your wedding, please work with me closely as to your new day.  I am probably available, but please check.  If you are downsizing your wedding, you can change your package to something smaller, possibly one of the "Micro" packages mentioned above.

Refunds?  This shut down had badly affected my business.  Badly.  It is only through the blessings of unemployment insurance that I am able to pay any bills we have.  So far I haven't had to refund any payments yet, because we have been able to work closely together to reschedule and resize the packages.   I stand by ready to work whenever and wherever I'm needed because no wedding is too small. I'm not saying NO to refunds, I'm being extra flexible to meet your needs to avoid refunds.

Packages start at less than $1000 for photography. WITH AN ALBUM!

These are great prices.  Please contact me today to check on availability.

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