Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  How can I get the best wedding pictures possible?

Answer: To quote the great Monte Zucker* "The quality of your wedding pictures is completely dependent on your cooperation with your photographer."  We need time to take the photos you'll love for a lifetime.  At minimum we need a solid hour to take your family and posed portraits.  If I could wave my magic wand and make a perfect wedding day schedule that prioritizes pictures it would look like this: 1.) 1 1/2 to 2 hours getting ready pictures with both the ladies and the men prior to the ceremony, with two photographers.  2.) Ceremony coverage.  3.) Two to Three hours for formal and family pictures at multiple locations.  4.) Minimal but high quality reception coverage.  That's how they do it in Australia and it might be a great way to plan your wedding photography.  That's why were going to call it "The Australian Option."

* Monte Zucker was one of the great wedding portrait photographers of the recent past  I am happy I had a chance to study with him.

2.) I've been all over the internet downloading the best wedding pictures I've ever seen!  I've got tons of them! Can I send you copies and you can just do that at my wedding?

Answer: Unlike 99% of what you see on the internet, we are true wedding professionals, we've done hundreds of weddings and have a pretty good shot list that we adjust to each couple's personalities. We think that standard, normal pictures are also important as well as the fun, in between, un-posed, candid shots.  Our goal is to do both, in the time allotted for photography.  If you look at this web site, you'll see hundreds of fun relaxed pictures, because we love them too.  Many of those are a result of requests.

You can send us your list so we can understand what you're looking for. But remember that each set up takes time.  We ask at least 5 minutes additional for each specific set up you request.

We will take a lot of photos at your wedding and are confident you will love them, so Yes, we do take requests.

3.) Do you want a shot list?

Answer: For some reason, we've been getting this question frequently lately.  There must be something on the internet someplace.  We have our own shot lists and a lot of experience at wedding photography.  Our goal is to get you a great album and not miss a shot, so yes, a shot list can be helpful.  Please keep in mind that we don't know your family or your families names.  So a list of Dave and Sue and Margie isn't going to help much, but if you say, get the cousins together, we can handle.  Lists should be fairly short and broad because we can't be doing paper work all day.  Also, weddings are live events with a life of their own. Circumstances may make it impossible to take each and every photograph.

4.)  The Knot says that the average wedding price in RI is over $50,000 and were the 7th most expensive place in America to get married!  What's with that? I don't have that much money.  We're going to Las Vegas!

Answer.  The Knot had 18000 respondent's to their survey.  Some info is good, other less so.  Rhode Island has 0.003% of the total population, so only about 54 people from RI responded.  That's not a lot of the over 7000 people who got married last year.  A few people had ultra high end weddings that throws off that number.  There are many reasonably price venues and vendors in Rhode Island that you can use to get a great wedding you can afford.  I think their survey answer for the overall average total wedding cost of $32,000 is a pretty good estimate and that we're somewhat below that.   They also report an average of $2600 ish for the average cost of a photographer in the USA.  You'll note that we're right within that average for our middle priced package.

5.) How do I get the best out of my wedding photography?

To get the most out of your wedding photography we offer these options for your consideration.

A.) The Australian Option- Schedule your wedding day to prioritize your wedding photos. Here's how they do it in Australia.  A.) Two or more photographers  B.) Two hours getting ready photography with both the ladies and the men, with bridal party and families.   C.) Ceremony coverage   D.) Two to three hours of family, bridal party and couple photography at multiple locations of your choice.  E.) Two hours or so at reception. (In Australia, they don't always cover the reception at all, but just capture detail shots.)

B.) First Look? Great idea.  To do this right, figure that you'll need a half hour to prepare for your ceremony after the photos.  We recommend that you start your photo session two and a half hours prior to your ceremony.

C.) You can add a second photographer to any wedding package.

D.) Upgrade your engagement session or do more than one.  Multiple locations of your choice, beaches, parks, theaters, whatever.  Be creative.

6.) Question.  How long do you keep the digital files of our wedding.

Answer: Ten Years

7.) Question.  Is my information safe with you?

Answer: Yes.  All information about your wedding is confidential.  I will not share that with any third parties.  That can include your wedding planner, so if you have a planner and they would like to talk with me, I'll need your permission first.  If they call me, I will ask them to have you call me first with permission and once granted, I'll be happy to work with them and share any information I may have.

8.)  What's with that Boston Surcharge?

Answer:  That covers the mileage on my vehicle and the extra time I have to dedicated to working within Boston, parking, valet's and such.  Boston traffic alone is quite unpredictable and I leave at least an hour early.  Besides, even with this surcharge, it's still a great value for your money.